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Recently I had an opportunity to speak with a friend of mine. He used to pastor in South Orange County and South Los Angeles County, California. Though he no longer does pastoral work per se, he is one of those guys who always is a pastor; if you know what I mean.

He still has the heart of a pastor. Still thinks and talks like one too. Still has that “something” to him which draws strangers to talk to him and open up to him.

Anyhow, we were discussing a simple and often un-used tool that helps people with their prayer life. That tool is what I call a power prayer card. It can be a simple 3 x 5 card or any other thing you make notes on.

It is not really on point to explain here what you write on the card and how you think about your request, or how you talk to God your heavenly Father. What matters is you (and I) should use one.

Pastor Danny said that if we all used one for our prayers, we would become more grateful to God for His provision in our lives. He said our eyes would be open to see just how much He loves us and takes care of us.

After this, pastor Danny talked to me about prophecy. You know… in the Old Testament it said that if a prophet made a prediction of a future event and it didn’t come to pass, then that prophet was a false prophet. So – he asked me about the cases of the Old Testament prophets who predicted certain things about Jesus. Then their predictions came true. Prophets such as Isaiah and Jeremiah.

But the predictions came true hundreds of years after they were made. Request prophetic word The prophet and the people around him at the time were long dead before the predictions came true. So then that test for those people really wasn’t useful, was it?

That is a point I discuss in my Special Report on the Five Tests of a True Prophet. Pastor Danny said my point was clear and correct. He had never heard about it at Bible School, but it was valid. Which means, he said, those people would have to use one of the other tests to measure the prophet.

Knowing these tests, and using them, were important in the Old Testament period when you consider there were competing prophets to Isaiah and Jeremiah. At times they gave conflicting prophecies. So how was a person to choose who was a true prophet and who was a false prophet?

In the New Testament period, God gave the Church 3 of those 5 tests. So the early church and you and I have 60% more tests of a true prophet than the Old Testament Church did. Most people don’t think that the New Testament period had many prophets running around doing there thing.

If God was going to eliminate all prophets from His Church after the last one died (say about the same time as John who wrote the book of Revelation. About 95 A.D.), then what was the point of giving the New Testament Church more tests to use?

Some pastors say that the Church can’t have prophets now days because they will give further doctrine. A couple problems with this idea are that it means pastors know in advance what any given prophet will say. Yet they themselves are not prophets.

The other problem with this idea is that the New Testament was written by apostles with a couple books whose authors are unknown.

But – perhaps God was rather stupid by giving 60% more tests that could only be used by His Church until about 95 A.D. What do you think?

Another solution to this question, which Pastor Danny and I discussed, is simply to ignore it. Ignore the idea and or the prophet. Take the position that the only person who matters is the pastor. And maybe the evangelist. And we’ll give some support to the teachers and administrators. Plus, of course, we ourselves (and our family) matter.

The major downside to this approach is the What If. The What If is when a prophet (or someone who has a word from God to share with us) is indeed right. What if they were a modern day Agabus. And we thought we were supposed to go to say Place X, and they told us “No. Go to Place Y”.

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