How Caregivers for People With Brain Injuries Will Benefit from Life Coaching

Care giving can be draining on you and your family.

But there is support available to you.

Brain injury happens in an instant of time. For the caregiver there is a sudden shift and you are pitched into care giving responsibility untrained and largely unprepared.

As a caregiver you develop a whole new set of skills. You discover new dimensions in life you never knew existed. You tap into personal resources and find out that you are incredibly creative and have wonderful strength and endurance.

At some points along the way you also find limits to your strengths, challenges to your endurance, come to the end of your resources and find yourself isolated and worn.


If you have ever taken a flight anywhere on a commercial airliner you have heard and seen the flight attendant’s demonstration about the oxygen mask. You were instructed to put YOURS on first, then help your child or fellow passenger. WHY? Simply because if you aren’t breathing, then you can’t help anyone. AND you just don’t know when the oxygen will run out or how fast you will be affected.

Most caregivers of people with brain injury focus on their loved one’s health and needs to the exclusion of their own. This understandable and admirable devotion often sets the caregiver up for debilitating guilt, anger, depression–and, all too often, burnout.

It is normal to feel bad about the changes and challenges you now have in your life.

Did you know? Letting yourself acknowledge that At-Home Strength Training feeling bad is normal will actually help you begin to feel better!


So many caregivers have told me, “I have NO TIME to go to my own doctor’s appointments, go to visit other family, get my hair done… so, I certainly don’t have time to add joining support groups or …”

Studies have shown that the mind and emotions can affect the body’s health. It is not only OK to give yourself time for some self-care, it’s ESSENTIAL.


During coaching we will explore the challenges you are facing, discover and celebrate your inner strengths and resources, clarify what you want to change for the better, and develop step-by-step plans designed to support and encourage you.

A lot of us who have dealt with TBI have been wonderfully resourceful, have taken advantage of every support available, and still, at some point, have come to a roadblock, the end of the resources, on your last nerve and out of gas. Coaching can help restore your vision, identify and eliminate barriers, get rid of tolerations that sap your energy and tap deep into inner knowing that will bring you to a life you define as successful

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