The Ultra Lightweight Silver Cross Pop Vogue Stroller

The stylish Pop Vogue pushchair by Silver Cross is extremely lightweight weighing in at just over 7 kg. The Pop Vogue is ideal for newborn babies as the seat can be arranged to lie flat the essential position for a sleeping infant. There are a number of reclining positions that can be achieved quickly and simply with just one hand.

Following a couple of simple steps the Silver Cross Pop Vogue can be altered to become a stylish stroller that is suitable for toddlers. The luxurious seat occupies the industry standard five point restraint that will safely and comfortably hold the infant. The Pop Vogue’s padded seat liner can be reversed and to sustain the high hygiene standards required by vulnerable infants the liner can be removed and washed. This pushchair comes with a handy cup holder that can either accommodate the parent’s soft drink or the baby’s bottle. Beneath the seat there is a shopping basket to carry the groceries from the local store allowing the parent the freedom to steer the stroller.

The ultra-light satin frame has eight matching strong plastic wheels. The parent has the choice of having the front wheels pivoting or fixed. Opting to have the wheels in the swivel position will allow the parent to easily steer their way through the shopping centre and avoiding the obstructions with ease. The locked wheels are more suited for a long stroll where there is plenty of space and fewer obstacles to overcome. The Silver Cross wheels operate with the quietest glide and can be Silver water Jug brought to stop with conveniently located foot brake at the rear of the pushchair.

The Pop Vogue design incorporates the quick fold system that is so simple to operate with just one hand and results in a light compact unit that complete with a shoulder carrying strap can be simply carried allowing parent and baby to commute with ease. The pushchair can be stored neatly without occupying too much space at home or in the car.

Parent and baby can venture out whatever the weather as the Pop Vogue is equipped with an extra-large sun canopy with UV protected viewing window that will shelter the infant from the perilous sun. The ventilated rain cover will allow air to circulate keeping the baby comfortable and preventing the cover from steaming up thus giving the baby better visibility. For cold days there is the option to purchase a cosy lined footmuff that Silver Cross supply in a number of colours.

Silver Cross supply a 1 year warranty will all of their pushchairs and give the option to extend that further

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