Video Marketing For Lawyers

You’ve created content and shot your video. Your production company edited your clip and now it’s finalized and ready to be posted to the sharing sites. They also agreed to post it to your website…for free! Do they now say “Have a nice day?”

Did your production company agree to optimize your video so the search engines would index it and make it easy to find? Or did they say “Have a nice day?” Maybe they offered you an a la carte menu where you could pick and choose their services. If you wanted to have your clip search optimized, you’d have to pay extra. Hmm.

After they posted your final product to the sharing sites, did they agree to write a blog post that promotes and tells the world about your video? “No?” Why not? Don’t they know that by blogging about your marketing message it will increase views? Aren’t they aware that using social media will dramatically help promote your video? If your video company will not do this, ask “Why not?”

Creating your video from a technical standpoint is just the first step to getting someone to watch it. Without the video being optimized for the search engines and without you promoting your video through social media and blog posts, you lose many opportunities to have your video found, and even more importantly, watched.

Before signing up with any web Production house, ask them whether they:

1. Include SEO in their price;

2. Upload the video to video sharing sites;

3. Upload the video to your blog and website;

4. Write a blog post, on their own website, about your new video;

5. Tweet about your new video;

6. Use Facebook and MySpace to tell the world about your video;

7. Upload the video to Facebook.

If they don’t, ask “Why not?”

Then, try to find a video production company that includes all of that in their price.

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